In a generation of the omnipresent consumer, using the latest of technologies is no more an option, but an imperative need. By implementing Exceloid’s made-for-future technological strategies & developments in their current business model, business houses stand to fulfill their customer expectations & also gain from invaluable insights that allows them to make informed decisions which result in incremental returns, that lie sometime in the future.


Businesses used to be simple and predictable affair. The internet brought along the first wave of change and made businesses complicated. Our clients needed subject matter experts and consultants to bring strategies and navigate the new landscape.
Along came the mobile, and the second wave of change as we know it. Businesses became more complex. Customer behaviour has become unpredictable and constantly evolving.

To counter this, We are bringing value to our clients and helping them deal with this complexity, by deploying rapidly evolving technologies like never before.

An efficient, productive and real-time information business system for decision making is the need of the hour. By integrating core business processes together in one single application, it helps the company to maximize the efficiency of the entire organization. As its not only about deploying an ERP,  but simplifying it’s implementation &  the corresponding usage is the key to achieve greater agility and accelerate growth.

Exceloid’s strategies for implementation as well as the design & architecture of the ERP is the best, a business can get!


Exceloid is the ERP solutions partner for Opensource ERP

How about delivering a seamless and consistent customer experience across channels? Welcome to Omnichannel, the future of retail. It’s not the technology or infrastructure that accelerates a retail business & every retail business has more or less the same range of products. What makes the difference is the experience of the customer. Are you making a difference in the retail experience of your customer? Get in touch with us to find out!

Human Capital Management, Does it ring a bell? If not, it’s time to embrace the strategies of Exceloid’s HCM solution because in the competitive times of recruitments, appraisals, attritions & HR poaching activities, It is just not sufficient to have top talent working for you to increase your bottomline, An efficient & technologically advanced system that manages your talent & feeds you back with precious information about the work force is the key to success. Get in touch with us today to know more about the human capital you have invested in your business.

When it comes to advertising, ROI is directly proportional to the relevance of the communication that is being displayed to the consumer. Digital signage systems deliver customized communication of the product or the service that is targeted to specific audience at a specific point of time & place through one or more digital screens. The two big Es – Efficiency & Effectiveness of the communication are the key here. And the result of such communication is ROI like never before. The applications can be ranging from targeted retail advertising to internal employee communications and remote training. Get in touch with us for a customized Digital Signage Solution for your organization.

Predictive Intelligence is all about observing the behaviour of your consumer, profile their preferences, personalize the offering & delivering experiences unique to each of them. For example, Let’s say you have been preferring the same brand of wine whenever you are travelling with a specific airline. The next time you travel with them, What if they offer the same brand of wine without asking you? What would be your experience? Thrilled is it?

As the success for every business comes from customer satisfaction, Predictive Intelligence with its intelligent algorithms play an important part in amplifying the experience part of the product or service by anticipating the intention of the customer & offering something unique based on what has been observed.  Best of all, Predictive Intelligence is proven to drive key business results.

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