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Highly Customized ERP Solutions for Apparel and Footwear Chain by Exceloid

Exceloid’s ERP Solutions for Apparel and Footwear Chain helps manage your apparel and footwear business effectively, both in stores and online. It is a global management solution built on a modular, mobile-enabled and cloud-ready technology aimed at enhancing the shopping experience for the customers. We offer solutions for building your brand and establishing a solid foundation in the apparel and footwear industry. Backed by unique ERP solutions for Apparel and Footwear Chain that constantly function to keep the operations from the front desk to the back end effective.

Current Scenario 

Benefits of ERP Solutions for a Footwear & Apparel Store

Formulating the best marketing strategy to magnetize customers towards your brand with constantly evolving trends is a perennial challenge for the businesses. Due to globalization, there are many challenges in  apparel and footwear industry, which helped them to adapt significantly over the past decade. Even ERP softwares like SAP Business One is unable to crack the code. With immense pressure on brands and its retailers concerning low costs, short production time, hike in the price of raw materials and increased labor costs, we strive to provide solutions that are cost-effective and most efficient.

Customers expect to see a wide variety of styles that are budget-friendly and are of high quality. Businesses are posed with a constant demand for latest fashion, regularly changing trends and quest for improving the supply chain demand and developing strategies for a better sustainability. We believe in providing solutions to businesses to deliver delightful customer experience in addition to creating a great product that will sell. Seeking sustainable alternatives over conventional textile manufacturing is a prime concern. With fast changing trends, new designs, acceptable apparel quality and durable supply chain methods, we help businesses pioneer modern manufacturing techniques by providing effective solutions.

Inventory management is done effectively when retailers operate through all the channels inclusively, which usually helps in reducing the inventory lifecycle. Modern consumers not only shop at physical stores but also from online retailers. A significant challenge is the abundance of retail apparel shops on the internet that lure shoppers with new trends, pricing, quality and customer experience. Emerging technologies such as mobile applications are changing the way retailers do business. For instance, reports suggest that customers using mobile devices for online shopping spend eight times more than people who only shop in a store. By leveraging such data and identifying interests of different sets of customers, products are showcased depending on their personalized search.

Apparel store owner using ERP on a small screen

Key challenges for apparel and footwear retailers

Gain real-time inventory visibility

Many brands compete in layered price ranges to appeal to different consumer price points. Apparel industry is unique because fashion trends change very quickly. To outperform the competition, retailers need to update frequently on the style, design and quality. Retailers need a real time inventory visibility in order to avoid excessive markdowns in the fast changing seasonal trends. By identifying the low sales in certain categories discounted prices may be offered during the off season for certain type of clothing and there by managing the inventory effectively.

Optimize pricing and promotional efficiency

Showcasing products the right way makes a world of a difference in apparel and footwear industry. Within a frequently changing trend, one needs to figure out on how to optimize the prices on the product and promote accordingly on social platforms for larger visibility. Markdowns are a way to reduce prices on a range of products in your store and with wider advertising, it can lead to increased profit margins, better inventory management, and outperforming competition.

Ship new collections faster for higher speed and immediacy

In apparel and footwear industry, efficiency is measured in terms of how fast a product can reach its customer. Being fast and flexible is the key for a growing apparel business. Ship-from-store strategy enables retailers to access all of their inventory across the entire chain to make sure the shopper receives the exact product they want. By enforcing effective ecommerce shipping strategy with options like free in-store pickup, same-day delivery, free shipping etc., you can take impactful steps to grow your business online.

Deliver a seamless shopping experience

Retailers are investing in a multifaceted approach which manages websites, mobile apps, blogs, social media pages and email automation tools that are specifically designed to engage digital shoppers. With a consistent strategy and omnichannel approach, you can deliver a seamless shopping experience across all platforms.

Boost customer loyalty and satisfaction

Knowing what the customer needs is the key to a successful retail chain. Employing people with strong interpersonal skills who are approachable, knowledgeable, confident, and who can provide personalized service, easily attract customers, exceed sales goals, can result in delivering enhanced customer experience.

Support aggressive new store opening plan

With extensive planning and consideration of infinite number of details, retailers are opening new stores worldwide. Advertising, maintaining the quality, location of the store, lowering the store set up costs and dealing with the competition are some important factors that need to be considered during the setting up of a new store.

Key benefits for apparel and footwear retailers

Openbravo's ERP solution for Apparel & Footwear store comes with multi-device support

To succeed in today’s omnichannel era, retailers need to adapt and utilize newer technologies to better embrace change. Exceloid’s ERP Solutions for Apparel and Footwear Chain deliver a multi-channel retail business solution to tackle challenges in today’s apparel and footwear industry.

Centralized real time inventory visibility

  • Retail inventory visibility is very important for omnichannel businesses. Our Solution provides with all-inclusive features to gain accurate visibility and better manage the inventory. The basic objectives for optimal inventory usage is to have the supplies you need, in the places you need, at the best possible cost across all channels.
  • Brands are being challenged with an increased demand for transparency. Real time tracking of the goods from the ware house to distribution center to freight carriers is kept transparent.
  • Exercise certain ware house rules like organizing the inventory, establishing receiving area, applying logic to pick processes, reorganizing, quality control, warehouse safety, staff training, using right software and ensuring prompt delivery and customer service.
  • Mobile warehouse functionality data is effectively documented for inventory count, goods movement and pick up lists.
  • Simplify the shipping process by tagging products with RFID labels.

Agile assortments, products and promotions management

Our Solutions solve the major pain points of clothing and shoe industry by offering tailor-made solutions to customers and retailers across all channels.

  • Organizing various products under different categories based on the product portfolio which enables the customer to browse in a hierarchical mode.
  • Manage a product that is similar or a variant in characteristics like color, size, season, and fabric, and efficiently price and categorize based on the product characteristics.
  • Bundling of products (combination of two or more products) for competitive pricing to promote marketing as discounted items or gift packs.
  • Providing different levels of price quotes and targeted promotions depending on various factors such as age, interest etc. Declaring discounts on a single product or on an entire line, both in stores and online, for attracting new customers, increasing sales, and reducing the inventory.
  • Drastically reduce the marketing time of a product by strategic planning, leveraging the power of automation programs, and promoting discounts on all platforms.

Superb instore shopping experience

Openbravo Point of Sale User Interface for Apparel & Footwear Store

Exceloid’s Solution helps the store associates of the apparel and footwear retailers to deliver high quality service to its customers who expect nothing less than the best.

  • By offering services starting from the shop floor to the fitting room and till the Point of Sale (POS), you can identify customers’ interests and provide required assistance.
  • Keep the customer informed of the promotions, discounts and cross-selling products. Providing the customer with products, services and coupons through loyalty programs to gain their allegiance and increase customer retention rate.
  • Implement an effective search function for matching products to customer’s preferences.
  • Ensuring precise layaways for items that are out of stock, recording outstanding orders for such items and ensuring on-time completion of the orders.
  • Employ convenient payment methods such as cash, credit, gift card, vouchers, store coupons, and multi-currency payments.
  • Reward the customers with loyalty schemes.
  • Set up different services such as store appointments, alterations and others.

Simplified multi-store management

In apparel and footwear industry, Our Solution helps in coherently maintaining and managing multiple stores and enhance coordination between the stores for effective inventory management.

  • Creating a model for the entire network of the stores .Using universal template for all the stores with adjustments of settings in accordance with the store requirement and its location which may include currency, language, time format, pricing, and assortment.
  • Storing master data about products, prices, promotions and taxes .Our Solutiom lets you find the data you need and use it in the tools you choose across different stores. Any change in the information can be updated at all the terminals in minutes which can be accessed at all multi chain stores.
  • Enhancing the Operational execution of the stores and developing better fraud control strategies. Issues like deleting a ticket or line, better management of the returned goods, registering cash count differences need can be carefully handled.
  • Providing efficient inventory visibility across all locations. In today’s omnichannel retail world, inventory visibility is a necessity for delivering on consumer expectations. From buying a product from the manufacturer to the supplier, from to the retailer and to the customer, it is important to understand where and how inventory is flowing.
  • With the help of web and mobile enabled architectures, retailers can simplify store IT concerns and reduce on store administrative costs.

Omnichannel readiness

Our Solution is an approach to design a coherent, consistent and immersive user experience for customers at every step. This provides flexibility across all platforms in the modern day apparel and footwear industry.

  • Products are designed with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) principles and hence, each and every product quality is consistent across all assisted and unassisted channels.
  • Inventory accuracy is maintained and reported at all times for delivering the exact information on the product that a certain customer is looking for.
  • Corroborate with other e-commerce platform or utilize technologies such as Magneto or Prestashop in combination with available process automation for Distributed Order Management (DOM). Distributed order management meets today’s complex business requirements like drop shipping and splitting of the order. It utilizes all the practices and technologies needed to replenish an order.
  • Transforming stores in to multichannel hubs that is an automated platform which can satisfy customer’s multi-channel delivery preferences/needs.

Embedded analytics and reporting

Openbravo's multi-point analytics

Our Solution helps in identifying the factors affecting customer buying behavior in the apparel and footwear industry. Use of business intelligence tools and reporting patterns facilitates retailers to design and match products according to the customer’s interest.

  • Data about the store performance, productivity, cash up and discount analysis is used to enhance the business with new strategies.
  • Enables your managers to create a purpose driven ad-hoc report for better analysis on issues and decision making to increase the store performance.
  • Facilitates your stores managers to easily identify and access the best-selling products and the bestselling product categories.
  • Designing a flexible alert system, which can be a user interface or mail with which you can respond faster to issues requiring immediate attention.

Future proof retail business management solution

Our Solution futureproofs the apparel and footwear industry by quickly adapting to frequently changing trends, merchandising requirements as the business grows multifold.

  • Operations across geographies and locations can be done in multi-language and multi-currency.
  • Keep up the competition with new stores and increased customers by introducing wider variety of products.
  • Address most specific business requirements by welcoming innovations with flexible strategies.
  • Functionality that can help convert store solution to an all-in-one ERP Solution for Apparel & Footwear Chain in order to manage the entire flow of business.

A future proof ERP Solutions platform for Apparel and Footwear Chain customized by Exceloid on Openbravo

Good looking & well organized footwear store

Unlike with other platforms, Our Solution is designed for retailers who look for confident solutions that will have all the functionality needed to efficiently and smoothly run the business. It is easy to use and has flexible strategies that make way to new innovations and better strategies to flow in. Exceloid is one of the top partners for Openbravo. All the solutions are customized as per your requirement on Openbravo ERP from the scratch.

Do more, faster and with lower risks with a truly modular architecture:

Our Solution’s extensible build facilitates the retailers to experiment with the new strategies at low risk rates. Fast changing trends in the retail industry may pressure the manufacturers to introduce change more frequently. Hence it is essential to first make sure we introduce the change in a small environment, gain validation before it is out in to the global market.

  • With growing business concerns, modularity can help with the issues in terms of size, complexity level and demand. In addition to our solution, an extension module with new functionalities can be employed optionally and independently.
  • Modularity employs a change gradually and prudently in the retail and footwear industry with low risk involved in less time.
  • Since these are independent and loosely coupled from the core, updating and upgrading can be achieved in much smoother fashion without shaking the basic structure.

Integrate and connect everything faster

Customers expect the businesses to integrate different channels of interaction. And so, Our strategies facilitates solutions where systems and devices can exchange data, and interpret that shared data from all channels.

  • In order to let innovation flow in to the business, Our ERP Solution for Apparel and Footwear Chain helps you adopt new technologies and enable them to work with legacy systems.
  • Make informed decisions about utilizing existing connectors like (Magento, Prestashop, SugarCRM and others) or build a new module completely specific to your needs with robust and secure integrations.
  • Making sure that Time to market is reduced while integrating a new channel or technology.

Scale securely and achieve higher business agility with Mobility and Cloud:

Our Strategy offers valuable and dependable solutions for the retailers competing in a marketplace that is increasingly dominated by mobile devices and cloud computing.

  • We provide a frame that can work through unlimited amounts of data. Using this data, retailers can make statistic based decisions.
  • Offering Openbravo’s cloud deployment strategies for maximum flexibility.
  • Consolidate your Mobile-first strategy by utilizing our custom made mobile architectures for creating applications with enhanced user experience.

About Openbravo ERP

Openbravo input field user interface

Openbravo is an open source software that is built on flexible, scalable and easy to integrate technology platform. It is a mobile enabled and cloud ready multichannel retail business solution. It is adopted by various midsized retailers and large organizations .With a sound ERP background and modern store solutions, multiple businesses have benefitted from it.

Openbravo commerce suite is a multichannel retail business solution for agile retailers with state-of-the-art commerce solutions. This helps retailers to be successful in providing a smooth shopping experience to customers .It comprises of a modular platform with which innovation can be faster and at low risk. Openbravo is mobile enabled and cloud ready for higher business dexterity with quick IT responsiveness.

Impress Customers & Stay ahead of the Evolving Fashion Trends with our ERP Solutions for Apparel and Footwear Chain