Project Description

Poultry farming is increasingly becoming a very popular practice for those in the agricultural-sub-sectors in both developed and developing countries. It is a broad sector that needs close monitoring and management to maximize profits. Poultry farming business needs hatchery management system for ease of managing and sustenance. Though there are many generic ERP solutions, hands-on expertise in developing a customized ERP solution for Poultry is the need of the hour. With our huge experience in dealing with the behemoths of the poultry industry with the likes of Venky’s & Srinivasa Hatcheries, We help you in developing an ERP that’s not only robust but also has the scalability to handle any amount of data. Here are few of the modules we can help you with.

  • Parent Farm Management
  • Hatchery Management
  • Broiler Integration (CBF)
  • Poultry Feed Management
  • Retail Sales
  • Mobility
  • Business Intelligence
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Parent Farm Management

Since the parent stocks are costly and their hatching eggs and pullet chicks fetch higher income, more care has to be taken on parent stock, to generate more profits. Moreover, in parent stock management, the management of male breeding stock and the hatchery are additional activities, to be carried out more carefully. In order to manage the parent stock efficiently, we have enhanced this module according to the current environment. Features of the parent farm management module includes:

  • Purchase Management
    • Purchase Contract
    • Purchase Order
    • Intercompany Feed Purchase
    • Goods Receipt
  • Production Management
  • Sales Management
    • Hatching Egg Sale
    • Stock Transfer to Hatcheries
  • Finance & Accounting Management

With an experience in development of over 3,00,000 manhours is tightly integrated across various functions and operations so as to provide the users with updated and online information enabling informed and enhanced decision making capability.

• Key insights include Cost of production per Egg / Chick/ Broiler Bird / Feed
• Production Performance of each unit i.e. Brooding & Growing, Laying, Hatchery, Commercial Farms
• Mortality%, Feed consumption per Bird, Depletion %, HE %, Hatch %, FCR, EEF, etc. on any given date
• Goal Vs Actual Performance Comparison
• Updated Stock of any item / location at any given point of time

Hatchery Management

Our hatchery management module automatically categorizes and then summarizes the performance report of every incubation equipment and hatchery, the feed consumption report, the veterinary medicine declaration and delivery report, equipment configuration and the human resources to different places, areas and to the companies and finally draw to different graphs.

This module helps to form a dynamic understanding of the operating status and the production details at any time, so it makes automatic management easy to realize. The remote monitor management saves time and reduces cost, and the various statistic reports can be used to summarize breeding experiences.


  • Purchase Management
    • Purchase Order
    • Hatching Egg Purchase
    • Goods Receipt
  • Production Management
  • Sales Management
    • Chick Reservation
    • Chick Sales
    • Price Management
  • Finance & Accounting Management

Reporting includes Hatchery Performance Report, Flock performance Report, Hatching Egg Grading, Pull out rejection, Material Usage Analysis(Including Cost) & Hatchery Performance Report to name a few.