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Simplifying ERP for Construction Industry

 When it comes to Construction Industry, the first thing that excites us is the profitability of a project. The first thing that pains us is the number of processes involved & the complexity of the processes in setting up systems in place to ensure that everything from Project Management, People management Inventory, Finance & Marketing are being managed & monitored in the right way. If there is a magic wand that could address all your concerns related to the above-mentioned functions, would you be interested in it? You are in luck. With over 15 years of experience in strategizing, developing, implementing & monitoring all the popular process in different industries, we have come up with a solution that could help you in managing your real estate business in a far better way resulting in multiplication of your profits.

BuilderBot from Exceloid is that one package that could simplify all the processes & maximise your profits exclusively developed with the Indian Real Estate markets in mind. It streamlines, manages & integrates all the diverse processes like Document Management, People Management, Project Management, Inventory & Finances of your real estate enterprise.

We understand construction, like nobody else

Exceloid strives to provide custom-made solutions to help you overcome the unique challenges of the construction industry. We aim to provide state-of-the-art integrated construction management and accounting solutions to empower you to enhance the efficiency and profitability of your business.

Tomorrow’s ERP Strategies, Today.

  • A single integrated system

  • Achieve greater agility and accelerate growth

  • Scale faster into new locations

  • Rapidly and effortlessly embrace mobility

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