BuilderBot Project Management system comes with all the tools that are useful in keeping track of all the functions of a construction project & control a project’s time, cost and quality. As the biggest challenge for a construction company is the Project delays & cost escalations arising out of Legal tangles, Government policies & Banking system, Builderbot has advanced project management engine providing you the insights for faster decision making that can tackle the problems arising from time to time.

Specific tools for budgeting, finance, organization, scheduling, conflict, and legal issues are integrated in the project management system to ensure every construction project is a success.

Some of the Key features are

  • Budget planning engine integrated with predictive intelligence, helps in arriving at the budgets for different phases of the projects in the least possible time that’s as accurate as the projections.
  • Project Planning: This module includes the functions & the tools required to plan the Design, costs, budgets, Pre-Construction Aspects, Procurement of Raw Materials, construction of the project, commissioning of the project quality analysis & Legal aspects
  • Work Order/Purchase Management (Inventory): Purchases & work orders form an important part in the project. Track the Volumes & cost of the purchases involved in a project like never before.
  • Project Progress: As it is difficult for a manager to know the progress of a huge project, Builderbot integrated with Predictive Intelligence, helps the Managers to have a dynamic view of each phase of the project or the total project of any size along with the projection of estimated results in terms of Time & Expenditure.
  • Budget Vs Actual: Construction industry is always known for the deviation in budgets & time. The project starts with a budget but often ends up going over it. It also applies for the time taken to complete a construction. Our Budgets vs Actual engine provides advance analysis to help you stay within the prescribed budgets & complete the projects on time. Every time.