Exceloid is proud to announce its sixth year as the leading ERP Implementation company. In an era when software companies come and go, Exceloid has achieved 6 years of innovation and steady growth. The company will commemorate the occasion with stakeholder focussed events throughout the next couple of weeks.

Exceloid began operations in 2012 when Ajay Kumar, the company’s founder and CEO, partnered with Openbravo to provide ERP services for Medium & large companies in India & abroad.

The early success of Openbravo implementations indicated a growing demand for technically refined erp & business simplification tools. Seeing the opportunity, Exceloid developed and introduced several pathbreaking innovations such as CW Retail Suite, CW HRM Suite, Poultry NxT, CW Manufacturing Suite & CW Assurance to name a few. These products were then combined with other IT Services made the company grow by leaps & bounds.

Most recently the company has introduced CW Assurance™, which adds robust blockchain technology to Poultry & Agri industries. Additionally the company offers a growing line of software Add-ons, giving users unprecedented flexibility for implementing the ERP solutions of their choice.

Exceloid’s continual upgrading of existing products reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to delivering innovative, powerful, and robust IT solutions for Organizations. “Our success and longevity is due in part to the advanced capabilities and continuous improvement of our products,” states founder Ajay Kumar. “We’re now a global company. We have sales offices in India, Singapore, London & UAE..” Exceloid is registered company in India, UAE and UK.

As Exceloid’s customer base has expanded during its 5 year history, the company has focused on consulting services as prime components of its ERP solutions. These services help customers learn to apply Exceloid’s innovations specifically and with more accuracy to their particular enterprises

To kick off its anniversary celebration, Exceloid have hosted a series of employee centric events over the past 2 weeks. For details, visit our website at www.Exceloid.com or call us at +91 88066 12345