People Management in a Construction Business is an enormous task as the number of employees are often high because of the nature of industry. As Managing & monitoring people & their productive is not easy, there is a requirement for strong yet flexible systems in place. Idea behind this is the concerned manager who mans a team of more than 15 people should have all the data related to their productivity, which helps him in improving the bottom-line of his organization. BuilderBot People Management Systems for Construction come switch all the necessary functions such as Onboarding, Employee Database Management, Leave, Time and Attendance, Performance management system & Exit management & controls for the managers to make the right choice.

BuilderBot People Management system also has in depth functionalities to take care of real estate agents who also play a key role in the distribution of the bottom-line. Track & incentivize them to improve the productivity of the agents instantaneously.

Some of the features include,

  • Integrated HRMS with Advanced Payroll solution
  • Available on cloud, on mobile, on-premise & as managed services
  • Dedicated & well laid out dashboards for Analytics & KPIs
  • Employee interactions & empowerment with Advanced Chatbots
  • Comes with a dedicated EHI – Employee Happiness Index
  • 0% paperwork with digital self-onboarding